PP ORAHOVICA d.o.o., il principale produttore di nocciole croato, ricerca un esperto per la propria azienda coricola


PP ORAHOVICA d.o.o. the leading Croatian hazelnuts plant grower, with more than 900 hectares of hazelnut plantations with potential increasing of production hectares, and is looking for the Head of Hazelnut production.

Job description:
Accountable for the complete hazelnut orchard management and production results, as well for the P&L of hazelnut production division.
This job is divided on the field as well as in the office and laboratory, with typical duties like:

  • plant protection recommendations
  • fertilizer recommendations
  • pruning planning and supervision
  • regular field checks and plant monitoring
  • irrigation scheduling
  • soil sampling and equipment calibration
  • harvest planning and supervision

Head of Hazelnut production is responsible for planning, managing, coordinating and supervision the processes in seedling production, growing new and exploitation the present plantations as well as in the processing the produced nuts.
Among other, it also includes:

  • managing, coordinating and leading the team of technologists
  • increasing the productivity of our hazelnut plants,
  • improving the yield quality and nutritional value, and
  • maximising the effectiveness and efficiency in the field of responsibility


  • 10 years of hands-on experience in hazelnut production
  • experience in managing the hazelnut production on intensive plantations
  • decisiveness and good analytic/diagnostic skills
  • proven ability to drive subordinates and look for the business side of work
  • effectively communicate both verbal & written, and able to work efficiently with other management team members
  • desire to remain updated with new agricultural trends and technology

Candidates are kindly requested to apply sending cover letter and resume to: info@pporahovica.hr

More info: www.pporahovica.hr

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