First Tri-Nut Conference to take place in Tasmania


venerdì, 02-09-2016 - Tasmania

2nd-4th Sept
First Tri-Nut Conference to take place in Tasmania


Over the period 2nd to 4th September over 120 nut producers, sponsors and speakers will descend on the Aspect Tamar Valley Resort for the first Tri-Nut Conference.
The Australian Chestnut, Hazelnut and Walnut industries have come together to present the inaugural TRI-NUT Conference.
Mr Brian Casey, President of Chestnuts Australia Inc, Mr Darren Baguley, President of Hazelnut Growers of Australia Inc and Dr Michael Lang, President of the Australian Walnut Industry Association agreed that this was a highly innovative and exciting venture.
Each of the industries normal hold an annual conference or symposium in September/October each year so the concept of combining the events into a single conference will add value to each of the industries and the sponsors and allow for much needed networking between the three industries.
Mr Casey said “the combined conference has allowed the industry to bring high quality speakers from overseas, the mainland and from within Tasmania to present on topics of importance to all three industries”.
Dr Wadia Kandula from the Lincoln University and Alan Mathewson from The Hazelnut Company Ltd are coming in from New Zealand to present on chestnut, walnut and hazelnut topics.
Dr Lang said “the mix of topics covering government policies, technical industry issues and specialist research has given the program and exciting mix”.
The ACCC Commissioner Mick Keogh will outline the new role he has in representing agriculture within the ACCC as part of the Federal Government policy.
Mr Baguley said “that one of the presentations all industries are looking forward to is the insight into birds and what methods might be implemented in the future that is being presented by Professor Gisela Kaplan from the University of New England”.
The support the Conference has received from the allied and support organisations and businesses has been outstanding” said Mr Trevor Ranford, Tri-Nut Conference Coordinator. From TORO Australia as the Platinum sponsor to the Tasmanian Department and the West Tamar Council and local and interstate companies has allowed the Conference to bring together a great list of speakers.
Local Tasmanian nut growers or those who are interested in possibly taking on growing nuts are most welcome to register. They can do so by contacting Trevor Ranford on 0417 809 172 or
For more information:
Brian Casey, President
Chestnuts Australia
Mob: 0408 000 864
Darren Baguley, President
Hazelnut Growers of Australia 
Mob: 0409 155 594
Dr Michael Lang, President
Australian Walnut Industry Association
Mob: 0419 154 017

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