Self-propelled harvesters

Raccolta Mandorle Raccolta Nocciole Raccolta Noci

New: Self-propelled mechanical harvester SEMEK

Self-propelled harvesters CIMINA

The Trailed Harvesters are suitable for the picking from the ground of: hazelnuts, chestnuts, almonds, walnuts, coffee, macadamia and olives.
These machines constitute the fruit of development, knowledge and technologies, and they represent the FACMA reply to the mechanized harvesting of the product.
Easy to manoeuvre tank to their efficaciousness and their efficiency they improve the work capacity, they reduce the harvesting times and the labour costs.

  • Saves on manpower as only one operator required;
  • Supplied with lateral blowing kit which propels the produce between the rows to quicken the process;
  • Can be used on sloping ground with the help of a front driving wheel (on demand);
  • Has the possibility of going over the same piece of ground in order to avoid harming the product;
  • A system of selection makes an excellent product cleaning.

The Self-propelled harvesters models are produced in order of size and working capacity, depending on the personal necessity of work.

Raccolta Mandorle Raccolta Nocciole Raccolta Noci C 160 S
Posterior de-duster cyclone: on demand
Raccolta Mandorle Raccolta Nocciole Raccolta Noci C 180 S       
Raccolta Mandorle Raccolta Nocciole Raccolta Noci C 200 S       
Raccolta Mandorle Raccolta Nocciole Raccolta Noci C 300 S     
C 380 S       
First of all the produce which has fallen down on the ground is tiered by a pair of frontal contra-rotating brushes which cover an area of between 1.5 and 3.5 metres. There is a suction tube which is placed in the middle over a gatherer which, then, sucks up the produce and propels it towards a depression chamber where the heavier waste material is separated. The produce is then poured through a valve into a conveyor and is blasted with air from a ventilator so that leaves and other light-weight impurities are eliminated. A double gyratory screen carries out a further selection process by separating all of the impurities of different shapes and sizes from the produce. The cleaned product is then put into a trolley or into sacks. Different gyratory screens can be fixed on the machines to gather the products above mentioned.
All the self-propelled harvesters are supplied with a lateral blowing kit, which uses the air from the suction to propel sideways in the right direction the produce on the ground, so that a sort of tier is formed which helps the gathering at the next passing.For maximum harvesting performance, it is suggested to prepare the ground, working it different times by mulcher during the previous year and before the produce falls to the ground.

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