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FACMA S.R.L., established in 1971, is located in Vitorchiano (VT) Italy and deals with the design, construction and sale of agricultural machines for the ground working, for the mechanized harvest of shell fruits, for the drying, selection and storing (hazelnuts, chestnuts, walnuts, almonds, macadamias, pecan nuts, fruit of palm tree,etc.) The agricultural machines are designed entirely internally, and before being introduced in the market, they are tested in the agricultural farms of the Facma owners until obtaining the desired results.

The company actually sells the 50% of its products to foreign customers, thanks to a network of retailers in different countries and thanks to its branch in Chile.

FACMA uses photovoltaic panels for the production of electrical energy and its self-consumption



  • MULCHERS/MOWERS. Machines for the ground preparation
    – Mulchers
    – Pruning Picker-up COMBY
    – Hydraulic inter-row disk third point linkage F8003P
    – Hydraulic inter-row disk
  • HARVESTER. Machines for the harvest of the shell fruits, aspiration and mechanical Machines for the product windrowing
    – Trailed aspiration harvesters CIMINA
    – Mechanical mounted harvester MEK
    – Self-propelled aspiration harvesters CIMINA
    – Mechanical self-propelled harvester SEMEK
    – Hydraulic rotating brusher
    – Windrows fans
  • SYSTEMS. Machines for the cleaning, drying and storage of the shell fruits
    – Systems Machines for the cleaning, drying and storage of the shell fruits

Strada Piangoli, s.n.c. 01030 Vitorchiano (VT)
Telefono +39 0761.370292

Sede Italia
Headquarters in Italy
Chile branch


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